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About Me

What makes me shine? This is a question for many years that has left me speechless. In my mind, I had a clear image of the answer but I could never find the words to express it. Through time and growth, I'm able to explain what makes me shine. You see what makes me shine is nothing tangible but more intangible. That means nobody can take my light away unless I decide to give it away. What makes me shine simply comes from inside. My light is a direct reflection of His light. That's what makes me shine. 

Her Light is a place where we showcase all of the amazing gifts and talents with the help of some shining women. The theme for HerLight is self-worth and women empowerment, where we focus on Embracing, Enhancing, and Enlighting. 

We EMBRACE ourselves because we accept who we are at this very moment. We know that God has us right where he wants us. 

We ENHANCE ourselves because nobody's perfect and every day is a day for us to grow into a better person. 

We ENLIGHTEN each other because once we embrace ourselves and continue to enhance ourselves we have no choice but to share our story. 

If we follow the three E's nothing can dim our light and we will shine so brightly that the world has to stop in awe.


Alexis Higgins
Founder of Her Light

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