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Rest & Reset Your Life!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Rest is a simple four-letter word, but people have difficulty doing it. As a young adult, rest is something I make a priority in my life. This did not use to be the case. Before, I was in an endless grind mode. I had checklists after checklists, and none had any breaks listed. I thought if I worked hard in the beginning, I could rest in the end. This mindset leads me to multiple burnouts. I believe after the third or fourth burnout; a light bulb went off in my head. I realized that I sometimes needed to take a step back and pause to move forward. I discovered to be the best version of myself; I needed to permit myself to rest.

After you get the well-needed rest, it's time for a five-letter word. That word is RESET. Resetting is not just for your phones; it can be used to improve your life. I am currently coming off a semi-burnout, and I need to rest. Now that my resting phase is complete, it is time to reset and get back in the ring. This time instead of jumping back into the ring tired, I will be refreshed. This is all because I took the time to rest before resetting my life.

So what does resting and resetting your life look like? Good question. Resting and resetting can be done in many different ways. My version of rest is a combination of being both passive and active. Passive rest requires little to no movement at all. For example, I let my body rest while I meditate or sleep. Active rest involves low-intensity activities, such as walking, going to my favorite restaurant, or having a girls' night. This active rest allows me to keep some activity and promotes better recovery in my life. This gives me a new perspective on life.

If you need help, no worries! I have included a list of my favorite ways to rest and reset!

Ways to Rest and Reset

1. Get back into a routine

2. Social media break

3. Alone time

4. Meditate

5. Work on hobbies

6. Write it out

7. Sleep it out

8. Positive thoughts baby

9. Cook

10. Connect with nature

11. Declutter

12. Mini Getaways

13. Girls Night Out

14. Exercise

15. Pamper Yourself

Thanks for reading, and like always, thanks for the support you give for Her Light. If this blog gave you some inspiration, drop below how you will rest and reset your life! Stay tuned for more content and shine brightly!

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