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A Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! Valentine’s Day is like a second birthday to me because it gives me an excuse to splurge on myself! Valentine’s Day is a day I have set aside for self-care. Self-care is loving and honoring yourself enough to value your own well-being. As a single girl, I have learned that no one is going to swoop in and give me permission to take care of myself! I had to decide for myself that I am worth the effort.

The world sometimes advertises Valentine’s Day as a day to share with a loved one. Although we know being single on Valentine's Day is not a big deal, it can unconsciously “put us in our feelings” when we don’t have someone to share the day with. But instead of getting in your feelings, try this guide to help you celebrate yourself and all of your fabulousness!

1. Pamper Yourself

Every now and then you should pamper yourself with a little TLC (Tender Loving Care). This would be a great time to fall back in love with your mind, body, and spirit. You should start by doing something nice for yourself because you deserve it!


  • Take a bubble bath

  • Give yourself a facial

  • Get a massage

  • Listen to relaxing music

  • Diffuse essential oils

  • Face mask

  • Shower meditation

  • Go get a medi and pedi

2. Try Something New

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to try something new. Get out of your traditional routine and shock yourself! Never be afraid to try something new. Sometimes we make our lives boring when we stay in our comfort zones. Let’s try to change that!


  • Cook a new recipe

  • Visit a museum

  • Try a new restaurant

  • Gaze at the stars

  • Teach yourself a new instrument

  • Learn a new language

  • Try a new workout

  • Take up a new hobby

3. Spread the Love

My dad always told me when I’m feeling down, try helping others. If spreading love makes you happy, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do it! Spread love everywhere you go and see how you make people feel loved.


  • Volunteer

  • Text or call your loved ones

  • Do random acts of kindness

  • Leave a big tip

  • Tell someone you love them

  • Smile (If you are wearing a mask, smile with your eyes.)

4. Treat Yourself

Valentine’s day focus is not just about treating others, but you should also focus on treating yourself. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers, candy, or any other Valentine's Day gift. So next time you’re out, buy that new outfit or take yourself out to eat. Whatever you decide, whatever it takes, make sure to show yourself, love!


  • Go shopping

  • Buy take out

  • Cook your favorite meal

  • Buy new makeup

  • Get your hair done

  • Binge watch a tv series

  • Sleep in


  • Become a plant mom

  • Take yourself on a solo date

  • Host a movie night

  • Do a photoshoot

  • Plan a road trip

5. Self Reflect

Stop and sit down somewhere and reflect. Reflect about yourself, your job, your dreams, your relationships, and more. Self-reflection is necessary for growth, but sometimes we get caught in the busyness of our lives. Allow yourself time to be still and reflect. Revisit areas in your life that need growing. Use this time to also spiritually strengthen your relationship with God. This Valentine’s Day, reflect by looking back so the view looking forward is clear.


  • Pray

  • Write a letter to your future self

  • Journal

  • Read a bible devotion

  • Meditate

  • Create a gratitude list

  • Take a social media break

  • Make a list of self-compliments

The Challenge

My friends, this Valentine’s Day I challenge you to take some time for yourself! Whether you are single or in a relationship, do something that you love to do, and remember to treat yourself like someone you love every day. Drop in the comments how you plan on treating yourself this Valentine's Day!

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